Network problems ( not inside KH )


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I don't know if this is the right forum to post, so please move it if necessary.

I have some VPS with KH and i use it for hosting purposes.

First, I'm not from USA.

Here in my country we have several ISP but one of them ( i guess the biggest one ) is having problems with their link that connects to another countries ( including USA ).

Many of my customers that uses this ISP complains about their site being down and also slow download speeds ( 10kb/s when they usually download at 200kb/s ). When they run a traceroute i see that the problem is related to the ISP.

I have already contacted the ISP but they doesn't seen to "care" about their clients and i guess they won't solve this in a near future.

My question is if there is a way to solve this problem on my own?

I was thinking about getting a link with another ISP with static IP and route this to KH VPS. I know that this isn't a cheap solution but is it possible?

The only solution would be to choose a host located within or very physically near to your own country.
Understandable, but that might be a tough decision to explain to your own clients if you're in the business of reselling.
If enough of the ISPs customers complain or leave they'll do something. From the sound of it that's about all you can do.