Need Some Recommendations on How To Proceed


Greetings Friends,

I have a VPS account here that hosts two domains. One of the domains ( will be changing hands and I suggested that the new owner use Knownhost for that domain. I was thinking rather than migrating to a new VPS, I might be able to move the other smaller site ( to new VPS and just turn the account over to the new owner. This would seem to be less of a hassle for the new owner, as all that would have to change would be the domain name moving to a new registrar.

Will it be an issue that the VPS was initially created using and the names servers also reference:, Does this make sense or am I going down the wrong path here?
Thanks for any guidance!

Hi Gimpy,

Changing the hostname is easy, there's an applet in WHM for it.

What domain are the nameservers you have setup using? If they are using domain2 then they will have to change on the VPS and also at the registrar. Since the registrar is changing they would have to be created there too which would have to be done either way.

There may be billing issues with KH on turning a VPS over to someone else, hopefully someone from KH will chime in on that and also any other issues I didn't think of.
If you're transferring ownership of everything on your server to the new owner then I'd just hand them the root login and call it done, but if you have other accounts that you want to keep on that server then what Dan said is about all you can do.
Thanks for the recommendations. I decided to have the new owner purchase a new VPS2 here and had the support team transfer over the site.

The problem I'm having is that the site requires PHP 5.3.x (currently running 5.3.27 on my VPS). The new VPS is installed with PHP 5.5.25.

Hopefully, he be able to submit a ticket and have PHP 5.3.x put on his VPS, right?

If PHP 5.3.X is required PHP 5.5.X should certainly work. If your program really won't work on PHP 5.5 then there's good reason for it as there's been many security bug fixes since 5.3 and you should have them corrected. You want to move forward not backward, but I suppose that's the other guys problem now huh? ;)
Maybe the backward incompatibility notes from PHP will help you identify the problems.
The PHP 5.3.x requirement is almost always due to old scripts that use magic quotes or safe mode. Both were removed in PHP 5.4 due to security issues.
Thanks for the information. The site is now up and running smoothly.

This php5 issue is that preg_replace has been depreciated in favor of preg_replace_callback. We have plans to update the site in the near future.

Thanks again for your input.

The preg_replace with /e modifier issue only affects PHP 7.0. You can safely upgrade to any production version of PHP.

If you upgrade, make sure that E_DEPRECATED is excluded from error notices in php.ini. If you're not comfortable making that change, I'm sure the KH support staff will do it for you. (I would also exclude E_STRICT if it is not already excluded.)