Need instructions for pointing domain to knownhost location


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I'll like to ask this question. I'm a newbie in the use of VPS.

If I have a Knownhost VPS account (which comes with a cPanel), and I have a site at this address on Knownhost:

where test is username and abc has the website.

I have registered a domain called via a popular registrar, say In the simplest terms, or if you have a link to a page where I can be so guided, could you explain the steps for me to take to make point to the location of my site.

Many thanks.
Hello ebee,

If you used to register your domain name then you need to set the DNS there to point to your VPS DNS servers. This is their walk through on how to do that. It starts from the beginning with registering the domain which you've already done but as you go through the steps you should find the information you need.