Need help... SSL confusion (and it doesn't take much!)

Wow... It's been ages since I quietly snuck in the back door and openly admitted to my total and complete ignorance about something here. Today? It's all about SSL's...

I signed up with KnownHost about 1 year ago... Aug2013. I have 3 ecommerce stores running and at that time I purchased a Comodo 3-yr multi-domain SSL certificate (which they kindly installed for me). I thought everything was good, except today I got 4 emails from KnownHost about expiring SSL certificates:
SSL for ftp
SSL for exim
SSL for dovecot
SSL for cpanel

I'm guessing these are somehow different from the SSL for my stores??? I followed the instructions in the emails (up to the point of actually taking action)... and it says that these expiring SSLs are "self-signed" and warns me that's a bad thing. :-(

Soooo... I don't remember setting those up initially... (altho it's entirely conceivable that my developer did that for me???). If I follow the directions in the emails and actually take action and set them up for another year... is there a cost associated with these SSLs??? What are my options???

I am sooooo confused! (and thank you thank you thank you WAY in advance for help and hand-holding).
These are what's known as "service SSLs" by cPanel and are self-signed by default. They don't effect your website in any way.

You can either follow the instructions and click reset to reset it, or pop open a support ticket and we can do it for you.

You have nothing to worry about :)
Thank you Jonathan!!! You're awesome!
I'm going to be brave and give this a try all on my lonesome.

I have to tell you... it is sooo comforting to be with KnownHost, knowing that whatever my problem is, y'all are always ready to give me some help!!

ETA: I did it! It really wasn't so bad! :)