Need help shaving resources


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I am only running a Wordpress blog and a Web Stats script:

For some reason despite the fact that the site has little to no traffic, numproc is/was constantly hitting the black zone. I went back in and disabled all the cpanel stats programs, and now I hit the yellow zone rather than black zone.

I am running VPS L
tx with 384 MB of ram added on. I opened up VZZP and ran top through the shell. When VZZP was showing resources in the red, top was showing CPU's near zero, and RAM usage at 108028k used. I almost wonder if VZZP is wrong.

Needless to say, I need to shave some resources so I stop hitting the the black/yellow zone on a daily basis, so I am wondering what can be disabled.

I have already disabled:
Spam Assasin
All stats

Any ideas??

I'd suspect the stats script you haven't disabled, but it's difficult to say without knowing what was running at the time.

I did just install Wordpress for a client this weekend and while I never believed it to be of the highest quality, I was somewhat surprised to see it generating nearly 50KB worth of undefined index warnings and syntax errors with virtually every page load. I had to rewrite the server's error handler to get it to run normally.

If "code is poetry" then those guys are stuck on "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and I can only imagine what all the plugins that other people write for it are like. If you have any of those installed, ditch them and see if it helps.
I'd suspect the stats script you haven't disabled

I think you may be right. I am looking for another stats option. I just signed up for Google Analytics, so we will see how that goes. I wanted to get rid Mint a long time ago, but my wife likes it (a little too much if you ask me). It is the first thing she looks at every time she gets on the computer. She spends more time looking at her stats than she does generating content.

Once I find a decent replacement that will satisfy her, I will dump it. I like the idea of hosted stats, but I hear they aren't very accurate. I have a good log analyzer, but then she would have me downloading the logs three times a day to look at them, and I'm not into that.

Anyway, I am up for any ideas to dump resources in the mean time.