Need Firewall Help

Don Z.

New Member

I moved to KnownHost 6 months ago and couldn't be happier. Best...VPS service....ever!

I've installed Ensignia as a webmail client to get the additional features (mobile access, fetching, etc.). It works great except that fetching other POP accounts doesn't work. It always times out. I have 3 accounts that I fetch with Gmail but no matter how I set up the accounts in Ensignia they time out.

Ensignia support says "maybe the outgoing port you're trying to use is blocked on your server".

Can someone suggest how to setup my firewall settings to allow the fetching of outside POP accounts? Or could there be another problem?

Thanks for any help.
Hi Don,

You can add ports to allow through CSF using either SSH or the CSF interface in WHM. I'll give a rundown here about how to do it in WHM.

In your WHM go to Plugins | Configserver Security & Firewall then click the button for Firewall Configuration.
Scroll down to the IPv4 section and go to the Allow outgoing TCP ports line. In it you should see a long string of numbers separated by commas. Simply add the ports you want there.
Now I don't know Ensignia so I can't say what ports you should add but the standard ports for POP3 are 110 and 995 (110 for open and 995 for secure).
After adding the required ports go to the bottom of the page and click the Change button then click the Restart csf+lfd button.

And that should do it for you :)
Thanks Dan, that worked perfectly. I can now fetch POP mail.

I didn't want to fool with the firewall settings until I was sure I was doing it right. Thanks again!