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    I am one of the many who've been "ousted" by thier host in the last week. I won't mention any names... There are many of us scrambling to get our businesses back in line - and online... Thankfully, mine was one of the servers that is currently still up (for now) and I am scrambling to get my site, and those of my clients, transferred to a new host.

    What I have had in the past is a Reseller Account. I have currently 18 clients with various needs. Most are simply static sites. Others are eCommerce with php or Perl/cgi scripts and MySQL backends. Space varies from 1 Mb to 177 Mb. Bandwidth varies from next to nothing to 500+ Mb per month (there are about 4 that maintain a level between 150Mb and 500Mb). Currently, 4 dedicated IP addresses.

    I like cPanel access for my clients (that I can customize to allow or restrict their access). I like WHM for myself. I need to be able to schedule CRON jobs.

    I like the idea of having shell access, but it's not necessary. I'd like to be able to "re-brand" cPanel's look and feel to my own style.

    I'm not sure that I NEED your VPN server, and Linux is sufficient at the moment. Can you tell me what solution is the best fit for my company, and my clients, with a little elbow room to grow - and the best for my (and their) money?


    Best Regards,
    Tami Jones, Owner
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    Hello Tami,

    Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. I am sorry to hear your in a bit of a crunch but we are here to help. :) I read your post and I would definitely recommend one of our cPanel VPS plans. With cPanel we would not recommend our VPS M so the VPS L or larger is our recommendation. First, we have a promotion right now where you can get 50% off the first and second month. This is for all monthly VPS plans. You can read about it here. Second, with a VPS you get full root access along with your own mail server so you don't need to share mail with other Reseller customers. You could use one of our Reseller plans but if you want to grow the VPS is your best option. You also noted you need 4 dedicated IP's which with our VPS we do provide 2 for free but you can add more for $.75/mo each.

    On a side note, we're here to help and we have many customers active on our forum who know what their talking about and can give you good advice. We can do the full migration for you if you provide us the login details to your current cPanel account as well. Any further questions let us know. Hope to see you signup.

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    Thanks for answering so quickly.

    I've looked at the VPS M and VPS L - can you request a California or Texas or is that chosen for you? Geographically, maybe?

    I also looked at the Reseller accounts and they "appear" to offer more space, more bandwidth, more options...

    Can you in a nutshell (and please make it simple - I have one heck of a headache with all this happening!) tell me what the benefit is of having a VPS account over a reseller account? I see that you said I'd have my own access to email. What luxury does that afford me?? What else??

    Thanks again, as I have to make a decision quickly!

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    You can choose whichever datacenter you want (California VPS or Texas VPS). If you don't need a lot of bandwidth the Texas Datacenter you can't go wrong with. California however is very popular.

    The Reseller accounts don't offer more space, more Bandwidth, etc. They offer much less actually. We do list them in MB not GB so it may be confusing in that regards.

    In a nutshell, we at KnownHost focus on VPS's as we are quite experienced with them and feel there are many advantages as you get the benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. You get root access, your own mail server, your own control panel license, your own FTP, and you can customize things as you please. You also get your own dedicated resources like RAM and Disk Space. With a Reseller account you share a mail server which in many cases can result in SPAM issues, you have no true isolation so you are always sharing resources with other Reseller customers and you get no virtual partition of the physical machine like a VPS. Overall for the money you get much more and have a lot more freedom. I hope this clears things up. Hope to see you signup.

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    Just wanted to chime in - I wrote up a nice FAQ about the differences in each data center. Check it out ;):

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    I've done some more reading about CA vs TX and pinged each. Since my clients are mostlyin the SE on EST and a couple in the SW on PST, TX seems to be the logical choice inbetween the two.

    I'm a bit hesitant to go to VPS, and I think I will start with the VPS M (even though it might be a tight fit) - for now...

    You should see my order in a few hours...

    Thanks, again,

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    Sounds good. Welcome aboard...soon. :)

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    Not soon - now. Just signed up. I'm once burnt and twice shy, so I'm counting on you guys to live up to your reputation!! ;)

    I might need some help getting things transferred and set up - only because I'm under a time crunch... How should I arrange that??

    I remembered to ask for Perl to be installed in the comments. Hope I didn't forget anything in my haste!

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    Got the order. Many thanks. :)

  10. Bryan

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    You won't be disappointed Tami. :)

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