Need a paid professional - my emails failing basic security tests


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I'm having issues with all the email addresses of the four domains on my VPS...
In essence, my efforts to improve the compliance of my emails to basic security protocols is, after 2 days of effort, getting me absolutely nowhere.

I've tested my emails on several service testing sites, which are notifying me of a range of errors.
These are reported by Pingdom:
* Could not find reverse address for (
* PTR record(s) for the address could not be found in the .arpa-zone. ( for IPv6 addresses and for IPv4).
* Delivery over IPv4 to could not be done.
* Failed to deliver email for SOA RNAME of ( using
* DNSCheck failed to deliver email to the email address listed as the one responsible for the zone.

These are reported by MX Toolbox:
dmarc Missing or Invalid Record
* smtp Reverse DNS Resolution - No PTR Record found
* smtp Warning - Does not support TLS.
* smtp 15.299 seconds - Not good! on Transaction Time

I've got other errors such as incorrect HELO in headers...
Which is getting me blacklisted not only at my own hotmail account (that I use as a backup email service), but also on business clients' mail servers...
So am now faced with the embarrassment of having to deal with clients from a DAMN HOTMAIL ADDRESS ! (FFS)

I'm posting the job here, although I would normally use or some such...
Although I'm reluctant to trust just anyone with access to my VPS.

If there's an email guru out there who can setup the correct DNS Zone configuration correctly that WHM auto-configure clearly CAN'T, feel free to contact me.
I would think this is something know host support would help you fix if you open up a ticket. Have you tried that?
I would think this is something know host support would help you fix if you open up a ticket. Have you tried that?
Firstly, I don't consider it to be Knownhost's responsibility to fix it, but I'm sure they would if I asked...
The thing is though, I was going to edit the edit the end of the post to add, that if I can find the right person, I'd like to hookup via Skype so I can learn more about understanding these matters for myself. I have engage myself in on-line training but there seems to be contradictory advice and instruction.
Howdy Victor!

In actuality KH is the only ones who can set up RDNS for you ;) Shoot them off a trouble ticket asking them to set up your reverse DNS for IP such and such and what you want it to be (such as your host name).

I guarantee you that a lot (if not all) of your issues will go away after that as the majority of email servers will not accept email from a server with no RDNS.

The reason that KH are the only ones that can do it is because it's their IP block and no one else can modify it but them.

Hope that helps!
Interesting info Dan. I recently did a manual cPanel account import from another host, onto my existing knownhost VPS, and I also get a 'no reverse address' error when I check the domain on intodns. So presumably I also need to ask KH to sort that for me...

Yes you would have the same issue due to your IP change. Any time you get a new IP you'll want to jump right on getting RDNS set up for it to avoid email issues ;)
I will suggest you choose email EmailAuth DMARC Service, where you can easily check your DMARC record as well as generate your DMARC record very easily