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    I just signed up for a virtual server with KnownHost to get some experience with an actual server. My current network of sites its spread across multiple shared/free hosting providers in order to spread out nameservers/ips. This works well but is really a pain in the butt.

    Anyway, to the question: As said above I like to spread my sites out on different ips/nameservers. Would it be possible to register many IPs and have them all be on different class C's? Of course I would then set up seperate nameservers for all of them. Im curious how many seperate class C's I could actually obtian - say 100?
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    Class C availability changes everday but having 100 I don't think can be done. Just email the Sales department when you want more IP's and we will discuss your options. Generally speaking for IP's to be purchased in bulk we do need justification with domain names just as we have to do with ARIN when we obtain more IP's. Hope this helps.

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    Will Do...
    Basically I just want to migrate my sites(about 200) to one central server but still maintain ip/nameserver diversification for linking purposes.

    Thanks for fast response!

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