Nameserver setup questions


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I have an account with a main domain and several add-on domains that KH Support migrated the cpanel from my shared host to a VPS for me.

Yesterday I got an add-on site switched over, with it’s own nameservers, and everything is good.

I wanted to wait to switch the main domain and other add-on domains until I get this one site’s redesign settled, prefer not to juggle all sites changing over at once.

But now I am wondering:

--Do I set up individual nameservers for the rest of the domains to switch them (,,, or do I use the same nameserver for all domains on the account?

--If it should/needs to be the same nameserver for all - like how it was when I was on shared hosting - then I’d want my maindomain as the nameserver ... So then I would have to change what I just setup? (the maindomain is my business site, and I wouldn’t want to show up in WHOIS for all the other domains, it would need to be

Hi Dawn,

I personally go for having ns1 &, just keeps things much more simple and clean. Once you get to that point just switch the domain you've already set up over. Normal propagation rules will apply of course but it shouldn't be a big deal.