Nameserver Question


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OK, I recently moved 8 sites over to a new cpanel VPS. I set up new nameservers with my domain registrar and started changing the nameservers for each domain. All domains registered thru one service went without a hitch.

One domain, registered thru opensrs (by the original owner) won't allow me to change the nameserver. It keeps giving the error that the Nameserver does not exist.

But obviously it does, the other sites have all resolved and are pointed to the new nameservers. Is this just a timing thing, wait for the registrar to catchup or is it a different problem. I set the new nameservers up on Wednesday, so it's been a while.

Anyone have an idea?

If the other registrars took the change then it does sound like either a propagation issue or some broken code on opensrs' part. If it doesn't resolve itself in a few days I'd probably encourage the owner to transfer the domain elsewhere.