Nameserver question


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OK folks...I want to apologize right up front. I've had a number of sites but also on shared hosts. This is my first experience with a VPS and I obviously have a lot to learn.

My domain name is registered at GoDaddy. I figured out how to add the nameservers to my account but their faq says it can take up to 48 hours or so before they are propagated. How do I know when they are active? Do I just ping the until it works?
Hello dknelson and welcome to KH :)

Pinging them will tell you if they've propagated to you sure. Typically new records will take effect quickly whereas changing old ones will take longer. And there will always be ISPs who seem to take forever to update their servers.
Well now I don't know. I got an email from KH Support telling me that pinging them will not work. They say that basically all I can do is point my existing domain to the new nameservers and see if it works. If not, then they have not propagated yet. Seems like there should be SOME way of knowing before potentially killing access to the site.
Pinging and traceroute is very unreliable when you are figuring this out.

It may be up for you, but for others it may be down.
YOu just have to have trust in the DNS system. They'll all come online within that time.

It wont just kill access to your site.
IF it's not pointed to your new site, it will be pointing to your older site. So dont take that down.