MySQL upgrade question.


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My site is using mysql 5.6 and has been running flawlessly for a year or more. I know it's past end of life and should upgrade to 5.7. I'm Leary because I don't like doing major update/upgrades using a menu (cpanel) and hoping my IP connection does not drop (I live in a rural area and our ISP is known for failures).

Is this a request I could get local staff to handle via a ticket? Or should I just cross my fingers, click the upgrade button and hope I don't need to create a ticket after the fact?


PS: I running a fairly large phpBB forum (over 800,000 posts).
OK, I'll cross my fingers and go it alone ;)
(I'll post a follow up after I've completed the upgrade.)
Hi DennysR!

Most upgrades between MySQL versions go relatively well with little to no issues. The big issues come from customized MySQL queries/structure built specifically for one MySQL version. So going from say MySQL that may support certain statements then to MariaDB can introduce issues.

More common software like forums, CMS's, etc -- are usually using queries that are standardized among many different MySQL versions between MariaDB and MySQL.

So updates go smoother.

We do always recommend making a database backup prior to performing the upgrade.

Our staff can definitely assist with the MySQL upgrade too.

Good luck!