MySQL buffers size


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I'm trying to optimise mysql (the most resource intensive component on my VPS).

How can I change "sort_buffer_size"?
Are there any other buffers that should be increased first (I have some spare RAM)?
Does these changes take effect only after the VPS is rebooted?

What size of buffers should I set (my VPS has 512 RAM and uses 30% of it at the moment)?
I'm not a knownhost employee, but recently asked a similar question. There apparently is no interface in either WHM or cpanel for fine tuning MySQL parameters. You would need to edit the /etc/mysql.conf file as the root user, and restart the mysqld service to have your changes take effect.

As far as what parameters and values to use, that can vary a lot depending on the type of data you have and how it's accessed. You are best off asking for mysql config advice on the forum for the database driven application your site primarily uses.,

eg SMF forum wwwDOTsimplemachinesDOTorg/community/
Joomla forumDOTjoomlaDOTorg/

I do know that many mysql driven apps can benefit from having their most active mysql tables converted from MyISAM to INNODB format, especially on tables that get select queries while they also get insert/update queries. Which of course raises more questions, what should the INNODB config parameters be.
I know this is old but i'll post anyway for ref..

look into WHM
Service Configuration/PHP Configuration Editor

there are many settings available there