mySQL 5 upgrade


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I was hoping to upgrade to mysql 5 but support has told me this is not an option under the Plesk configuration.

This is quite frustrating and everywhere I read it says Plesk 8.x supports MySQL5. I was told by support that I would need to change control panels which sounds drastic to me.

Has anyone using Plesk found a solution - perhaps a manual upgrade? I'm imagining that at some point knownhost would need to support mysql 5 right?

What OS and Plesk versions do you have? If you use Plesk 8.1 or above and have CentOS 4.x then all that needs to be done to get MySQL is to enable CentOS Plus repository in /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo and run the "yum install mysql-server" command. If you have Plesk below 8.1, then Plesk needs to be upgraded first.

Thank you Paul.

My Plesk says "8.2.1" when I login.
I'm on a Hybrid so according to your site I'm using "CentOS 5.x"

I passed this question to support originally and only wish their responses were as helpful. I'm just glad I didn't do as recommended by them and switch control panels.