My VPS experience....


Hey all,

There isn't much purpose to this post other than to give KH a pat on the back. I originally got a VPS (Ca datacentre) a few months back, mainly as a means of backing up my 'main' VPS which was hosted elsewhere.

Not long after getting here, I realised that the performance and speed of my new VPS was at least equal to my 'main' VPS, in fact in many ways it was quicker. I'm situated in Australia, my 'main' VPS was in Virginia. My new KH VPS is in Ca, so ping times are about 30% quicker, which is fantastic.

Well, after 3 months of testing both the network and the support team, I'm happy to say that over the weekend I moved my 'main' VPS data over to KH. My other provider is at least equal to KH, but KH is in fact over $200 a year cheaper than the other provider, which gives me a great reason to bring my entire operation here.

I've got two things to add about my experiences here at KH:

Firstly, I needed help over the weekend transferring an account that had dedicated IP and SSL certificate on the old server. I submitted a support ticket, and instead of transferring the account for me, support sent me step by step instructions so I could do it myself. The comment ended with "We can do this for you if you are having trouble getting it to work."

To me, this was fantastic, if it is something within my capabilities I'm much happier to do it myself (better to teach a man to fish etc) but the option was always there for KH to do it for me. (Thanks Jeff A)

Secondly, in relation to the Ca downtime a few days ago. I, like many others, stayed glued to the KH forums, refreshing every 60 seconds to see if there had been an update. Yes it was a pain in the butt having the servers down, but it was obvious to me that 1) the downtime was outside the control of KH, and 2) KH were right onto it, making sure everything was made right as soon as possible and 3) every effort was made to keep frantic customers informed. I honestly don't believe that we could ask for any more.

Let's face it, it isn't possible (or realistic) to assure 100% uptime for a $30 VPS, but I know I can sleep soundly knowing that KH have got their eyes on the servers at all times.

To anybody reading this who is thinking of signing up for a VPS, I honestly don't think you can go wrong here.

All the best to all,

Pete M