Mx Settings and Exchange


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Hi i am after a bit of information. I work for a company who has server 2003 with exchange 2003 using smtp for emails. We want to move to a knownhost account as we are currently on someone elses reseller account from another company. How easy would it be and what would I need to do to keep the exchange emails working. What would I need to change the MX Settings to we have a no-ip address and a fixed ip as well,
Hello chasman2001uk,

By default I believe most control panels configure the MX to be in the DNS zone file and it is a CNAME. You will want to change that to be an A record and replace the domain name after the A with the IP you want it to point to. So you would have: mail 14400 in A #.#.#.#

Then find the entry for the MX record. At the end of this entry make sure it points to So you would have: 14400 in MX 0 (make sure you have the period at the end of the .coms).

And that should do it. If you are using cPanel it should ask you if you want email to be delivered only to the external IP. Answering yes will remove the domain from the localdomains file and add it to the remotedomains file. This insures that email generated on the server to the domain in question will be delivered 'out of house'. I do not know about this function for other control panels.

Hope that helps!
What is the amount of budget that you have, and how many emails users do you have in approximate?

Attachment size is 15MB, but how much will the capacity of email storage be?