MVPS optimization for Wordpress

Terry Frazier

New Member
These might be questions only an unsophisticated user would ask, but that's what I am so here goes.

1. What sorts of things are being used on the dedicated, Wordpress-optimzed hosting that aren't on my MVPS3 with DirectAdmin?
2. Which of those things could I look at adding to my VPS?
3. What, if any, would be the downsides for non-Wordpress packages such as NextCloud?

The main purpose of my VPS is to run Wordpress sites. The other stuff I do is kind of experimental for personal use, like figuring out if NextCloud can replace Google for synching calendar and contacts, if I can run a Mastodon or Discourse server. Stuff like that. But, primarily, I want to be sure my sites run as well as they can.
Hello Terry,

Mainly it just comes down to resources and how they're allocated. With a dedicated server all the CPU power, all the server memory, all the space, all of the bandwidth, everything is your playground as opposed to VPS's which you just get part of the server's resources. You'd be working directly off of the server rather than working in a virtual server. You can make a dedi just as optimized as a VPS, but you'll never be able to get more resources in a VPS than you can with a dedi.
Thanks. I should clarify that what I was referring to is the "Fully Managed Wordpress Hosting" offering vs a dedicated server. I presume this is a shared offering, but optimized for WP. It looks like they are running WP-CLI, LiteSpeed's LSCache (which I presume requires LSWS) and Imunify360. Maybe other stuff, too.

I might work up to a dedicated server at some point. I'm not really very good with a lot of the SysAdmin stuff you need to do that, tho.
That's correct. It's just a shared hosting services optimized for WordPress, but as I said you can optimize a dedi just the same.

The SysAdmin stuff for a dedicated server is no different from a VPS really. To the untrained eye you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference.