Multiple WordPress Sites on VPS


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I have the VPS-2 package with cPanel.

So, I have a main domain set up and being used for a WordPress site. I want to complete the following in addition to this:
  1. Set up a new WordPress site to serve as a staging environment for main site
  2. Transfer 1 other WordPress site, with its own domain, to my VPS
  3. Set up a new WordPress site, with it's own domain, to my VPS
Given the amount of WordPress sites I need, I'm assuming we should add on the Softaculous package. Would you guys agree?

For the other three sites, do I want to create completely new account using WHM? It sounds like I'd create a separate account, with separate folders, under my main domain folder. Then, install WordPress separately for each account.

Since my main site will have an SSL cert on it, will my remaining sites also have SSL encryption? Do I need to configure these sites any differently?

For the other (not main) domains, do I still just set their nameservers to my main domain's nameserver?

Do I need to create separate A records for each site in my zone file?
Thanks, in advance! As you can surely tell, I'm fairly new to all of this.
Hi Dave,

Welcome aboard. :)

1) You can set that up on a subdomain ex: with a separate database to test stuff before you roll it out on your production site.
2) That's easy you can setup a new account in WHM to keep everything separate or just have an addon domain in your main cPanel account.
3) Same as #2
4) You really don't need Softalicilous since Wordpress is already installed. Just transfer over WP's files and database. Installing WP is really simple. Unless you're really green Softalicilous is a waste, IMHO.

You can either setup a new account in WHM or Add the domain to your primary account via cPanel. It's really a matter of personal taste. All my larger sites have their own accounts so they're easy to move between hosts when need be. Small sites are stacked in one cPanel account. One of my cPanel accounts has 51 domains tied to it, just for example.

WHM/cPanel handles all your zone files. You simple update the domains name servers at the registrar to point at your server usually and