Multiple vps with single domain


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Hoping someone can help explain how to do the following.

I have one VPS and registered a domain to be used for it and when the VPS was created, support configured it with the hostname of and I set the nameservers at the registrar as and which pointed to the IP's supplied with the VPS.

So far that seems right and is how I've done it for years with my accounts and my customers on my old shared hosting.

But now I ordered another VPS and was told by sales that I could use the same domain for the second VPS, so I had them configure it with the hostname of

So now I have 2 servers, host and frodo.

1) What should I create at the registrar for host and nameservers for frodo?
I initially used but support tell me that's not right as it's a subdomain of, although it worked when I did a DNS lookup it displayed errors.

2) What A records etc should I add to the second VPS (frodo) and should I also add A records to the first VPS (host)?

3) Will the DNS always go through host to reach frodo?

4) is it still possible to use the domain as a reseller account or is it just an unused domain only registered to link nameservers to?

I'd really appreciate some instruction here as the discussions with support in the ticket was answered by several people and I was left unsure of how it is supposed to work.

This must be a good topic for a "How To" as I assume others use the one domain for multiple servers?

Hello awehost!

1) At the registrar you create new nameservers: ns3 and with the IPs on your new VPS.

2) You should create A records for your nameservers on all of your VPSs.

3) No it will not. Domains configured to use ns3 & 4 will go through frodo whereas domains configured to use ns1 & 2 will go through host.

4) Why use a reseller account at all? As root you don't need one. But as far as I know a reseller account isn't even tied to a domain.

Hope that helps