Multiple DNS for mail


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What I am looking to do is I would like to migrate one email account that I have set up locally to a Microsoft Exchange account where I can use the and leave the remaining accounts on the local server.

What I am thinking is that all mail will go to both DNS locations and only use the one that I want to set up with the Exchange account. My domains are at google domains if that makes a difference

I know that this is probably not how it is done but has anyone been successful in doing this or is it even possible?

Thank you in advance for your help with this.
Hi waly0214! Sorry this has gone unanswered. Typically cPanel can only send email to what's called local or remote. Local being email on the server itself and Remote being a remote mail exchanger [MX] such as Microsoft Exchange, GSuite, Zoho, etc. To my knowledge what you want to do is not possible within the same cPanel account.