Multiple cpanels reource consumption;


Ok, just realized that buying a dedicated IP will really cost you only a dollar. But to make it useful, in case you want it assigned it to your new domain, you would need to create new additional cpanel first :)

Well, I've read somewhere that cpanel costs approx 100MB of RAM, and it sometimes allocates approx even 250 MB.

Does this mean that installing additional cpanel to VPS would cost additional 100MB - 250MB of RAM ?

That would be extremely not optimal solution, since I guess the website itself would consume a lot less.

Any experience on this? some real figures?


(P.S. Changing apache configuration manually is out of the question)
Hi jeja7676,

It sounds to me like you have been told that an IP can only be assigned to a domain with it's own cPanel and you are taking this to mean you need a completely separate installation of cPanel.

That's not the case they simply need to have their own ACCOUNT which gives them their own cPanel.

To be honest I have no experience with dedicated IPs but I am very confident in saying that you can have multiple IPs and SSL certs assigned to various different accounts.
Yes, I did a research on the internet and fall into a wrong assumption I need a separate cpanel installation to get dedicated IP working.
I contacted KH support and got information which are pointing in the same direction you proposed. It seems that I just need to create another account on the existing cpanel.