Moving Wordpress From Local Development server to my VPS

peter vijeh

New Member

I know this is not completely related to hosting-- but figured Id ask anyway. I am sure others out there have this question as well.

I am trying to move a development wordpress site from a local WAMP server to my VPS--

however, i am running into all kind of trouble importing my mysql database-- and maybe some other problems also.

Can anyone recommend an IT server that I can hire to do this for me? or a plugin?

Is it possible to pay knownhost tech support to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Peter,

You already pay for managed hosting so why not let support help? If you handle the following:

1. Create a cpanel account
2. Upload the site's files and database dumps to the new account.
3. Create the database and database use in cPanel.

Then support will be happy to do the rest for you. Don't be confused about the part mentioning creating the database. I don't mean get the database imported. Just create an empty database for your site and add a use with permissions on that db. Make sure to save the password and add the db name and password to your site's config file.

If you are unsure how to do the things listed above then I suggest that you read the following:

Just make sure to create a dump file of your database beforehand. PHPmyadmin is great for this. You can also use the following command from terminal:
mysqldump -u<username> -p<mypassword> mydbname >dump.sql

Of course replace username and password as needed.
I'm unsure what specific problems you're having, but in case it's helpful, I always rely on the WP Migrate DB plugin for Wordpress when migrating a DB from local -> live or vice versa. I have the pro version, but from memory the free version is quite adequate too.

What the plugin does is allow you to push/pull a DB directly from WP admin between two servers. It does a find/replace for all domain strings, which is the biggest headache when moving WP sites.

Highly recommended.