moving VPS's without telling customer


A few weeks ago when I was having load problems I did a tracert and is said I was on VZ63. Up to that point, I was sure I was on VZ24. Today I'm on VZ15. Do you guys move VPSs around without notifying us? If I don't know what server I'm on because you move them around, how am I supposed to know what announcements to watch for?

I really like you guys but I have to say I have been growing impatient with KH lately. Constantly dealing with other VPS's causing high loads (I/O wait) on my VPS. I have reopened the ticket (third time) because whatever fix you do only lasts a couple weeks before it's back, causing slow site load times and my cpanel backup times to take, sometimes, more than 12 hours for a handful of sites.

I hope you can fix it right this time.

I also guess I'm the only one that is really uncomfortable always having to give you my root password. I understand you don't have access without it, but at the same time, having my root password stored on some ticket system that lots of people have access to (it seems rare the same person answers the same ticket twice so I can only assume you have a lot of people on staff) is just a big security risk that I am not willing to take.
Hello turbo2ltr,

We do move VPSs around from time to time so we can perform hardware maintenance, upgrades, etc. without impacting customers. This is a benefit of the Virtuozzo system.

Can you shoot me over the ticket number of this ticket so I can see what's going on? Here in the past week or so we've been having a lot of people hit by the wp-login attacks, but it didn't really effect anyone that wasn't getting hit directly.

I'd suggest changing your root password to something random and giving that to us, then when we're done with maintenance changing it back. Alternatively you could give us permission to change your password which we will then do, then perform the work, and provide you with your new root password. It sounds like you are keeping the same root password, perhaps one easy for you to remember. I'd really advise against this. It's very important to use randomly-generated alpha numeric passwords, preferably with special characters as well.
I understand that being able to move VPSs is a benefit to us. I assume we both want the same thing: to provide excellent service to our clients. Notifying us of bare metal changes will help us provide better service to our clients since if I don't know what server I'm on, it makes it hard to be proactive with telling customers about network issues.

The problem with the password is just the fact that logging into my server is starting to become a weekly thing and I don't feel like having to change the password every week, then change it again when you are done. No where do I say I keep the same password. Normally I don't even have passwords enabled, I use keys. I have installed a key for you guys so you now have access.

Ticket 271001

You can always log into power panel and it will tell you what node you're on. The VPSs are not moved between locations, so subscribing to Texas notifications on here would still have relevant notifications related to the network. In all honesty, the odds of the node you're having an issue is quite slim anyway, seeing as we have hundreds of nodes and it's not that often that they have issues. We prevent node issues with in-depth monitoring/analysis and the ability to move VPSs around with no downtime, and perform pro-active maintenance :)

Keys > passwords for sure.