Moving off of Google Workspace Emails?


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Years ago, I signed up for the free Google Apps Workspace platform. It allowed me to use as a gmail account. However in the past few years, Google has abandoned Workspace as a viable platform, and even started charging for it. I no longer wish to pay $6 a month for each of my email addresses.

How would I go about decoupling my domain from gmail? This is what WHM lists my current MX records as:

I've deleted those records, and replaced them with my domain as the MX destination. Then in cPanel, I set up a "default address" to forward all unrouted email for my domain to my new gmail account. Is this all that is necessary? Because no mail appears to be coming in.
Hi @Jaxel!
It sounds like you've set the MX record back to what it should be but I've never actually tried forwarding all email for a domain to a Gmail address like that. Does the email just disappear or do you get a bounce message when you send one? Gmail may be classifying it as spam too, have you checked the Junk folder? Remember that DNS propagation can take a while too...
It looks to me like all you have to do is set a domain forwarder like it shows here.
Hope that helps!
I tried making a forwarder for a specific address... still doesn't work. No mail is getting through.