Moving from Bluehost hosting to shared cloud hosting

Alex Cordry

New Member
I have a website that is currently hosted on Bluehost. It has got to the point where it is cheaper for me to purchase shared cloud hosting and move it here.

When I purchase the hosting I need to enter a domain name. I believe I would use something like I assume I have to add a DNS entry and point it to the server's IP? After that it would be as simple as doing a cpanel migration?

I am sure I'm missing something, seems too easy.

Hi Alex, If you are going for the shared cloud hosting simply enter your base in the order form.

After the order you'll be provided with nameservers to swap your domain over to after you perform a cPanel migration. BlueHost is notorious for trying to disable full cPanel transfer backups so mileage may vary on how easy it is to migrate off. We've had mixed success ourselves.

Let us know if you've got any more questions and we'll be glad to assist!