Moving an active forum


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We're currently on a linux cpanel virtuozzo VPS plan at another host and I'm not real happy. I figure moving to the same at KnownHost should be relatively easy, but I want to assure minimum downtime. The main thing is we have a very active phpBB forum, and moving would require shutting down the forum at the current host (so no more posts can be made), moving the site, and then starting up the forum on the new site. How much down time I we likely to face in this case? Is this something that can be done automatically, or do I have to micro-manage it?

First, since you have a VPS elsewhere and have root access we will do the migration for you to alleviate any possible headaches with the move (we migrate from the same control panel only). We would just need access to the VPS once you order and we will do the rest. The only downtime would be for DNS propogation. Other then that the move should be just fine. No micro managing needed. Any questions that is why we are here. :)

Just a couple ideas which will help to move active forums:
1. In 2-3 days before the migration edit DNS zone on the source server and reduce TTL to 10-15 minutes;
2. Right before migration is started shutdown forum. If forum software doesn't have the maintenance option just change db connection parameters to something that will prevent successful connections to the production database;
3. Migrate account to the new VPS, use site preview feature to reconfigure forum software on the new VPS and to check that site is working ok;
4. Switch nameservers to point to your new VPS;
5. Reconfigure forum database connection params on the source server to point to your new VPS.