Move to SH-2?


A number of years ago I moved my business from shared hosting with another company to a VPS-2 at Knownhost. I did that because I needed the reliability and performance of my own resources. I've been thrilled!

I am heading toward retirement and expect to liquidate my business assets. So I really won't need the VPS-2 any more. I have got used to having the server for some personal things. I have web sites (extremely low traffic) for a couple clubs and also store backups of some personal records (less than 1GB).

My personal uses need storage but very little in the way of processor, memory or bandwidth. I need PHP and a few MySQL databases.

It appears that an SH-2 might meet my needs. I am concerned that my usage might violate the following for Shared Cloud Accounts:

"e) Accounts may not be used for file storage, database storage, media storage and streaming, computer backups or archival purposes."

Since the plan includes MySQL and PHP can I assume the restriction is for remote applications and does not apply to files, databases and media (excluding streaming) hosted by the account?

Also it appears backing up my personal records would be a no-no and I'd need to make other arrangements for that.

Do I undestand this correctly?
@MiCarl I'm glad you've been thrilled! We love to hear that.

To answer your question, you're understanding is correct. The very 'general' rule of thumb is that if it's not related to the operation of your website then it would fall under the backup/archiving chunk.

So if you backed up your home PC to it and stored a bunch of archives then we wouldn't allow that, you'd need a different package with fixed disk limits.

We do our best to be reasonable thou and understand transferring things for short times etc happens but dropbox or google drive is better intended for long term archival storage.

Thanks again!
One more question about the potential switch:

The shared accounts have a limit of 200,000 inodes and I want to make sure I'm not against or over that. Can I use the File Usage number in the cPanel stats as a reasonable representation of my inode usage?