Move complete


After months of discouragement at HG and a recommendation from another former HG customer, I finally moved my VPS to KH. Very happy so far. Speed and reliability at least equal to what HG used to be. Extremely happy with the support responses I have received so far. Will definitely recommend KH.
I am moving in too. Thanks to Dave G. but before I do, I must take good back up of my accounts back in HG. Can you tell a considerable difference between simple managed vps and SSD managed VPS, please?

SSD verses NON-SSD if you look around there are several people who have switched there non-ssd to a ssd box and are very happy they are also reporting a little more speed. the main differences I can see are

SSD-2 $50.00

2048MB Guaranteed RAM
30GB RAID10 SSD Storage
2x Priority 24 CPU Cores
3000GB Premium Bandwidth

VPS-3 $45.00
1536MB Guaranteed RAM
65GB RAID-10 Disk Space
2x Priority 8+ CPUs
3500GB Premium Bandwidth

If your not happy with one you can always switch to something else one of the nice things about being here at KH
SSD has 30 GB storage which is not suitable for me. I need more and therefore, will have to keep myself off form it for now. VPS 2 or 3 is rather better for me at this stage.
Yes, I am aware of them. In fact, I am going for vps 2 from my vps at HG. Sooner I will be shifting all my other accounts on Reseller there, to my vps here.
Which one is better Fantastico or Softaculous? I heard Softaculous has WHMCS preinstalled but what about license?
Softaculous > Fantastico every time. Softaculous to my knowledge does not have WHMCS available for install in it.