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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by mushy, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. mushy

    mushy New Member

    I have no complaints and I am extremely happy with know host service. I even have 1 month review for KH on WHT at

    Currently I am on VPSLtx and I will be on it for a long time. Once I complete my websites development process then I will switch to VPSXLtx. After that I would say within 2 years from now, I would be needing more space only (since badwidth & ram with VPSXLtx will always be more than enough for me)... But $15 for 10GB is too much. I would ask you for more space in lesser price then that at that time...

    Well, I am not in a hurry since I have almost 2 years, just want to ask you think about this and when the time comes provide me with more space for lesser price...

    Thank You...

    Mushtaq Anis
  2. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member


    First, thanks for the kind review. Much appreciated by the entire team at KnownHost. Regarding the disk space, at this time what we offer is quite popular for our customers needs but 2 yrs from now of course things may change. :) I can't comment on that now but feel free to check back in at a later time. Have a nice weekend!!

  3. Awjvail

    Awjvail New Member

    I agree.

    I've recently had to upgrade from L to XL solely for the purpose of more disk space being needed.

    It would have been nice if I could just upgrade disk space without having to shell out an extra $10, as I didn't need the extra RAM or BW.

    I'm still 100% satisfied with Knownhost though. Keep up the great work.
  4. tristanperry

    tristanperry New Member

    You've seen:

    Right? You can buy extra RAM, BW, disk space and more "al a carte".
  5. BAlGaInTl

    BAlGaInTl New Member

    I think that the point is that +10 GB is $15/mo, but the upgrade to the XL package is only $10/mo. Of course, this is only true for the L -> XL scenario. Once you go beyond that there is quite a different picture and the price is justified.

    The question I guess is how much is a GB worth per month to a user?

    I may be faced with this same situation in the future and will probably just upgrade to the XL even though I won't really need it.

    Keep in mind... I think KH has been GREAT at adjusting their packages to meet demand and giving free upgrades even to current users as the market changes.

  6. mushy

    mushy New Member

    It had been really nice service by known host. I had been having eyes on account quota. Bandwidth had been increased time by time. It's been around more than 10 months I requested the above topic. I hope we will get more freedom in webspace somewhere in future as well.

  7. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member


    You can email sales(at) and we can try to work something out work with you. We don't plan to change the disk space upgrades right now but we may in the future. I know this was said before but it still stands.

  8. mushy

    mushy New Member

    Thanks for solving the disk space issue with the new look. KH today made me sooooooo happy, I can't even express. Now packages are wonderful, I don't even need addon for disk space any more since it's much more affordable disk space compared to prior. God Bless you... And keep up the good work...

    Thanks Again,
    Mushtaq Anis
  9. skolapper

    skolapper New Member

    More Space For Less Price In Addons

    I recently got two HY-Pro and i must say that they are really fast.But i would like to see more hybrid plans, with more space and RAMI know that many of you will ask: "But if you need more why dont you get a dedicated server?"Because i cant find the level of service that i get from knownhost anywhere and...I already owned a dedicated server a long time ago and had lots and lots of problems with it, especially hd fails.Thanks
  10. Jeren

    Jeren Time Lord

    Well, thankfully, KnownHost offers dedicated systems, too. If you need to upgrade from your hybrids, perhaps you could consider that?

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