More Hybrid servers plan


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I recently got two HY-Pro and i must say that they are really fast.

But i would like to see more hybrid plans, with more space and RAM!

I know that many of you will ask: "But if you need more why don't you get a dedicated server?"

Because i can't find the level of service that i get from knownhost anywhere and...

I already owned a dedicated server a long time ago and had lots and lots of problems with it, especially hd fails.

Well there's the whole upgrades page which lets you add whatever you want to whatever plan you picked. If you create more than a handful of plans all you're going to do is confuse people and waste a lot of time answering questions like"what's the difference between X and Y?"
If I may ask in this thread, whats the most KnownHost could provide on a Hybrid server before it becomes dedicated?