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Discussion in 'Linux VPS - Plesk' started by kal670, Jun 10, 2011.

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    Hi, I am new to VPS and am searching the forums to try to learn. I just read the following:

    Does this mean that if my VPS goes down in the middle of the night that nothing will happen until I discover it the next day and email support? Even with a monitoring service I wouldn't read my email until the morning.

    This is not something I am accustomed to worrying having come from a shared Reseller server.

    What experiences have any of you had with your VPS going down (I would hope this would be a rare occurrence) and what are your recommendations?

    I am a web developer and host sites for many of my clients (I don't offer hosting to the general public) and want to be sure there are no lengthy down times. On my old reseller account problems were caught right away and if I ever noticed anything it was usually resolved before I could even contact support. I was hoping to have the same experience on a managed VPS server. Was I wrong in assuming what "managed" VPS means?
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    I to came from a shared hosting to VPS and only use my hosting to support my own website customers, not selling hosting to the public. I’ve been with KH for about a year and delighted with their service. It has been my experience that if/when a rare problem arises, their support department is on it immediately and they are also good about publishing the facts in the Forum, letting us know what the problem is and what they are doing or did to remedy it. As far as I’m concerned, monitoring would be just for general information. It has been my experience that on the rare occasion that a glitch has been detected, it is taken care of before I even knew about it. In fact, most would go completely undetected were it not for KH’s policy of making it public via the Forum. You made a wise choice with KH VPS. I believe you’re going to find you will be extremely happy with their services as well as support.
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    You are correct. KnownHost monitors the node, not individual VPS on the node. But KnownHost VPS setups are very good and you should not have a problem. Monitor your memory usage and upgrade when applicable. Services like Pingdom can notify you by text when they find a service down on your VPS.
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    Thank you, that's what I needed to hear! :)

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