Mark NYC

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is it possible to install mod_ruid2 ?

Would like to use mod_php - but with a dedicated user !

I'm using mod_ruid2 with the DSO handler. DSO is much faster and more efficient than suPHP. Works very well. KH support can install it for you.
With the VPS setup as a shared server, would you recommend DSO or suPHP?

Definitely suPHP for it's security benefits. I only advise running DSO in a single-site or very controlled environment where you're the one managing all the sites.
Ok that's what I thought...
I have noticed suPHP taking a little longer on the larger sites I have..

Everything I've read says to use suPHP, that's why I was asking about DSO
DSO generally has less overhead, thus is the prime choice for pure performance but in a shared environment you have to weigh that against the potential security risks when not really watched over and suPHP wins there hands down by basically at least limiting any potential damage to a single user's account instead of potentially an entire server.