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I'm currently seeking a new host for my site: http://www.strike-force.net because of ongoing server issues. Mainly because the site keeps loading slow, and sometimes times out. I know it's not due to the site itself as I have spoken with my current host several times dealing with these issues. Anywho, I'm fairly new to the whole hosting thing and had a few questions.

1. If I sign up with your company and need my site migrated to your servers, how much of the material that is currently on the forum will be lost?

2. I need a plan which is similiar to what I currently have, which of your plans would closely meet what I need?

Monthly Price: $24.95 USD
Setup Fee: FREE
Disk Space: 600 mb
Subdomains: 50
Data Transfer: 20 gig
Web Based Email: Yes
Email Addresses: 250
Email Forwarding: Unlimited
Email Aliases: Unlimited
Email Autoresponders: Unlimited
Mailing Lists: 5
Control Panel Yes
Frontpage Extensions: Yes
Detailed Web Stats: Yes
Raw Log Files: Yes
Dedicated IP: Available
File Manager: Yes
URL Redirect: Yes
Password Protection: Yes
Network TroubleShooter: Yes
Mysql Databases:5
SSL Server: Yes
Shopping Cart: Yes
PHP 4.3.x: Yes
CGI Bin: Yes
MIME Type Manager: Yes
Midi Files: Yes
Real Audio/Video: Yes
Shockwave/Flash: Yes
FTP Accounts: 25

That's about the only questions I can think of ATM. Thank you for any responses you give.
I'm not a Knownhost employee, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. So I'll try to answer these for you:

1) If things are backed up and transferred properly, you shouldn't lose anything. The only issue I have ever seen when transferring forums, is that you're most likely going to have to shut the forum down until everything is transferred and propagated.

The reasoning is that while you're waiting for the new DNS to propagate to the Knownhost servers, some people will still reach the old server, make posts there, thus the posts won't make it to the new forum.

2) Check out this page: https://www.knownhost.com/shared-hosting.html
If you want shared hosting, the Web Micro plan offers more disk space than you currently have, but less bandwidth, less e-mail addresses. The Web Macro plan beats everything on your current plan. The prices for both are significantly less than what you're paying now, and KH's servers/support are awesome.
Thanks for the info Bryan. I decided to go with a VPS plan, as I will be adding more features to the site soon. Better safe than sorry.

Thank you for your VPS order. I definitey think you made the right choice in selecting a VPS.

We can assist with account migration as long as the control panels match on both systems. So if for example it is a cPanel > cPanel move we would use the cPanel migration manager and move everything for you including domains, databases, email accounts and so on.

Please let us know if you have any further questions and welcome to KnownHost.


You know it makes sense buying a VPS from KnownHost
After getting the account info, and then checking out the WHM panel I realized I had gotten in over my head. However thanks to the excellent assistance by KnownHosts employee Andrew I was able to not feel so overwhelmed.

With his help/expertise I was able to transfer my account, get my forum back up and running, and also understand the WHM panel alot better. Once again a big thanks to Andrew for the assist, and to KnownHost for the excellent service they have provide in just the last 24 hours.

My site - www.Strike-Force.net (p.s. It's a paintball site and work friendly)
Thanks for the kind words. We all appreciate it and I will make sure Andrew sees this. Have a nice weekend and welcome to KH.