Migration Woes


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I recently purchased a VPS3 account and used the migration service.
To files from my current host have been transfered to a webspace in Plesk.

I cannot preview any of the sites using a hosts file on my computer.
Nor can I resolve the problem of the nameservers given.

I cannot transfer the domain names to Knownhost and they will have to stay with my current host as the registrar as they are a mix of co.uk and .com

The nameservers are not resolving to knownhost and support does not seem to be able to give me a clear or precise method to solve the issue.

Normally hosting companies just provide a nameserver that just work not expect me to have to set them up.

anyone here had similar experiences setting up the nameservers or previewing sites before going live.


I'm very sorry to hear about your migration woes. Is 422538 the ticket associated with your troubles?
Yes it is, and it is driving me crazy trying to communicate with knownhost and daily support which will shut down for the weekend.
Meanwhile I have three dead sites and three working sites still on my current host, I am going to revert them back to Daily and cancel this VPS.
Never had so much trouble with a nameserver before.


I'm sorry that you've been dissatisfied with things thus far. I'd like to clarify that our support department is open 24/7/365 so we're always here whenever you need us so no worries about the impending weekend.

We (and most other VPS hosts as well) don't provide nameservers for customer use and it's up to customers to run their own nameservers on their VPS or elsewhere if you choose. Based on the information available to us, it would appear as though your nameservers haven't been registered with your registrar, thus the problems.

Your domain IS pointed at the nameservers, but since they're not registered it's going nowhere, thus the traffic is never even hitting your VPS.

I'd recommend contact the support department at your registrar and provide them with the IP information we've provided you and tell them you need help registering your nameservers.

You are the only company that I have dealt with that do not provide nameservers, which begs the question why?
I have already purchased yet another VPS and loh and behold, nameservers provided.
Had you read the multitude of support emails, you would see that I provided the information to my current host whom said yesterday that they had registered the nameservers but when they ping them they could get no response.
Which left me in a no win situation you say it is ok this end they say it is not.
Plus I still could not even preview my websites that had been migrated, which I also mentioned but no response.

I purchased a vps here because from the forum posts it seemed to be a good place but the reality is different.

I was refering to my current host support shutting down for the weekend not yours, english and all that.!
I get the feeling that namecheap is connect with this place, support provide links from here to namecheap help questions.

and I will say that your support are pretty quick at response but site5 if far quicker, although you billing department seem to be ignoring my request for a refund.

No I am not a support person for KH, just a very happy user. I would never keep my domain names at the same place as I am hosting my web sites, to many eggs in one basket, I only brought up NamrCheep as I personal think they are a good company and they fit your complaint about registrars.
Hi Dave,
Sorry I was not refering to your comment, I read a lot of posts prior to joining and was refering to support staff supplying links to namecheap help articles to resolve their problems.