Migration Question



Got a pre-sales migration question.

I currently have a dedicated server, with cpanel, with another provider. A dedicated server is really more than I need and I don't really have time to keep up with patches, upgrades, etc. so I'm considering a move to a KH VPS.

First Question.
Which plan would fit best for a VB forum with approx. 2200 members, maybe 50 to 75 members max at a time. It's not huge but fairly active.

Also the avg bandwidth per month is anywhere between 10 - 20 gb for the entire server.

I guess my main concern here is how much ram is needed for an active VB forum.

Second Question.
I see that you provide migration service from same control panel. This is a noob question but does that include dbs? Besides the VB site I also have a couple of mambo sites, each using a different version. Are there any known issues moving these types of sites along with their respective db's?

Sorry for the noob questions.

I have read your post and would recommend the VPS XL then upgrade later if needed. We have several customers with VPS XL w/ cPanel and more active forums then what you have stated and they run fine. One thing I would recommend is to optimize the VPS by turning off certain applications that come with cPanel you may not need. This can help a lot and we can help if you tell us what you don't intend to use.

Yes, we will move everything over including Databases for vBulletin, etc. There arent any known issues and if one would arise post migration we would help find the problem and fix it. Migration is included with no fee's attached.

Any further questions let us know.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Curious what apps can be turned off to optimize the VPS? Basically there will only by 5 or 6 sites, the VB site being the main site. There are no customizations done to the forum, just stock VB. And of course the 2 mambo sites and a couple of static page sites. No mailing lists or anything currently used. They do use email/webmail.

Now to decide on TX or CA. Maybe flip a coin and go with it.

Actually I have to discuss with a partner but looks like we'll be moving to KH very soon.

Well, cPanel comes with like 40+ applications in Fantastico which some people turn on and never use. Our support department can help more with that but things like that but I know we optimize the VPS upon delivery so most things never used aren't on anyway. :) Hope to see you sign up.

Sorry, more questions.

Is it possible to sign-up, add one site, my personal site for testing and then migrate over site by site? Or are migrations done one time only. The only sites I'd like migrated over are the db using sites, the couple of other static sites I can move myself.

The reason for this question is two-fold.

One, we tested another service provider prior to our current dedicated server and had many problems with service. I'd hate to move our main sites over to find out the service wasn't what we (i) needed. (nothing against KH as it appears to be a great co.) Just being cautious.

Reason two, some of the sites are going with my soon to be ex-partner(where ever he chooses to go) and some are coming here with me.

Lastly, I hope. When sites are migrated over will the email addresses/username/passwords remain the same. Again this is going from cpanel to cpanel.

Sorry for the noob questions, as you can tell one reason for leaving the dedicated server is my lack of server knowledge. :)


In general since you have root access to a dedicated server accounts can be moved over independently. If you want us to do it in phases like you mentioned above this can be done but you need to schedule different migration times as we like to formalize the migration process. So everything you asked we can do. All passwords, etc will be migrated over so nothing to worry about with that.