Migration from Ipage

Brian Hewett

New Member
I'm currently using ipage hosting for a wordpress blog, the blog isn't huge but it is growing and more and more people are visiting. I'm thinking of moving to KH VPS for hosting to be ready for planned growth.

My question is, will migration be a pain of will IPAGE allow for a smooth cpanel migration, i manually migrated last time i switched hosts and would like to avoid that pain this time around.
Hi Brian,

If they use cPanel the migration should go just fine. I've moved between cPanel hosts a few times myself now but if you aren't comfortable doing that then the Knowhost people will be happy to do so for you :)
I'm not sure they are, i think its VDeck but my team needs upgraded hosting because we are debuting some new music on our site for some artists that draw pretty big numbers, so were anticipating the site seeing larger than usual bursts of traffic.

According to what my Google search just turned up you'll be looking at moving everything manually again as there's no way to migrate from Vdeck into cPanel. Once you're with Knownhost you'll never want to move again though! :D
yeah that's what i'm seeing as well, too bad i'm going to have to look up how to do all this again, i remember last time being a real pain.

thanks for the help.