Migrating from Shared to VPS


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Just got my first VPS account setup. Familiar cPanel in a shared env. and making my way around a linux CLI, but unfamiliar with having a top level GUI control (WHM) with sub cpanel installs.

I only have one domain that I will be supporting (which i used during the signup). Is the recommended way of doing things something like make a user on the system and user their cpanel to manage the domain / website / emails / etc etc. and keep root just for installing services or anything needed by said user not included in the default build.

Thanks in advance.
Hello Breen and welcome to KH!

You'll use the root login when using WHM and SSH. So, yes, you will log into your WHM as root and create the account for your site. The cPanel for the account should be the same as what you're used to for the most part as there may be some differences due the version your old host used but they should be minimal.

WHM will be used for doing MySQL updates, Apache/PHP updates, creating/managing accounts, managing/tweaking DNS, creating/managing backups etc etc. Pretty much the management of your server (for the most part).

Hope that helps!
Thanks for the help Dan, got that all setup. I was wondering, is there a temporary URL to view a user's site at? ATM I still need to point my DNS at my old provider over to the new nameservers but in the meantime I wanted to check out my website. I know some of the shared hosting places gave some cryptic temporary URL to reach your site at while you waited for DNS to propagate or what have you.

Thanks again.
Hi breen,

The temporary URL for an account will be http://<serverIP#>/~accountname/

Mod_userdir has to be disabled in order for this to work though. In WHM go to Security Setup | Apache mod_userdir Tweak and disable it.

Keep in mind that if it's a site that uses PHP/SQL it's not going to work correctly ;)

Hope that helps!
Out of curiosity @Dan why do you say PHP/SQL won't work? I've not seen any issues when using that method to access sites, unless there's hard links to a domain that can't resolve.