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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by bbanelli, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. bbanelli

    bbanelli New Member


    I am quite dissatisfied with HostGator lately and am considering migration to KnowHost.

    I currently have 57 accounts on Snappy 2000 (2 cores, 2GB RAM) and am considering transfer to SSD-3.

    Real disk space usage is below 20GB (most accounts are small single page sites) and bandwidth usage is around 150GB monthly so I think SSD-3 should meet my needs.

    I have defined custom nameservers for all my customers, so I suppose transfer should be easy regarding DNS? Also, since WHM/Cpanel is on Hostgator, is there support for migration of accounts offered by KnowHost and at what price?

    In addition to that, if I choose monthly payment, can I decide to pay annually at some point or I always have to pay monthly installments?

    Thank you in advance for your kind response,

  2. KH-FreddieA

    KH-FreddieA Technical Support Operator Staff Member

    Hello Bruno!

    We can definitely migrate you from Hostgator. Do you have a reseller account or separate cPanel accounts?

    Once the DNS zone files are transferred to Knownhost (during the cPanel transfer), you'll need to update the nameserver IPs at your registrar with the KH IPs (after verifying that the site content is functional on our servers).

    We have the option for monthly, quarterly, and yearly payments.

    Let us know if you have further questions. You can reply here or open a sales ticket at [email protected].

    Trust KnownHost for all your VPS requirements - Buy Now!
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  3. bbanelli

    bbanelli New Member

    Dear Freddie, thank you for your quick reply!

    I have separate VPS account with full WHM/CPanel.

    Great, so this should be trivial than!

    No, no, I understand that, but I was wandering if I can pay 3 months a monthly installment and than I decide to pay for a year in advance, for example. Is that possible?
  4. KH-FreddieA

    KH-FreddieA Technical Support Operator Staff Member

  5. Hells Warrrior

    Hells Warrrior New Member

    Switching from Hostgator to Knownhost will be the best move you ever make, trust me I've already done it.
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  6. phpAddict

    phpAddict Active Member

    Same here! :cool: I was a HG customer for many years until EIG got their dirty hands on them.

    I recommend you watch the Network and Hardware status forum and you'll be made aware of any major issues, unlike HG that just turns off their phones and sticks you with a 2 hours wait in chat only to tell you "there's an issue and we're working on it". The migration was cake and the only adjustment I had to get use to was the ConfigServer Firewall. If you don't already have it installed on your current server familiarize yourself with it as users are very likely to get themselves blacklisted from your server.
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  7. Timothy Kline

    Timothy Kline New Member

    EIG! HMPH!!! They bought out my previous hosting service, Arvixe, which is now going through the identical downtime issues currently as EIG consolidates all of their clients to EIG's personal server farm. Arvixe didn't even let the public know; I found out through webhostingtalk (which is where I learned of KH, btw), and immediately went looking for another site host (and here I am). If I can thank EIG for anything, it's for inadvertently leading me here to KH, which is in most ways as great as HG *USED* to be, and in others has gone far beyond what HG ever *was*...
  8. Timothy Kline

    Timothy Kline New Member

    I might add that I was with HG for over ten years. Even clung to them after EIG on the hopeless assurance that things would eventually improve. Then I finally left for Arvixe, and I think it was less than a year later that Arvixe got bought out by the investment firm... So yes, your decision to move to KH should leave you nothing less than impressed, bbanelli!
  9. doulos

    doulos Member

    As long as KH doesn't follow suit I will be a loyal customer. Extremely happy with the performance, and support.
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  10. bbanelli

    bbanelli New Member

    Hi guys, I've made my purchase and waiting for the transfer to happen. :) Thanks once again!
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  11. bbanelli

    bbanelli New Member

    Level of happiness opposed to HostGator: 9000

    Transferred all accounts without a single issue!
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  12. WebEndev

    WebEndev Member

    You won't regret the change.
  13. MiCarl

    MiCarl Member

    I too am a former Arvixe customer, about 6 years there. In fairness to Arvixe I got spoiled with how much I got with a $4/month shared plan. Then last fall they "upgraded" my server and the trouble started. Bottom line is I have a business application that doesn't use many resources/hour but when it runs it hammers the system for a fraction of a second. The "upgrade" seemed to interpret that as abuse and would automatically throttle me (might have even been reasonable). Or when I was really lucky they'd interpret the several connections from my client as a DoS attack and block my IP entirely.

    The real beef I have is that I had to figure out myself that I'd outgrown the shared low end plan, support just kept telling me everything was fine. Of course every time I got locked out it took a day or more to get let back in. Fortunately fall and winter is a slow period for my business so I didn't get hurt too bad by the outages, but wanted to make sure the problem was resolved by spring.

    All the familiar support people seemed to be gone and the volume of gripes on the forum seemed to be increasing. I decided rather than upgrade with Arvixe I'd just move on. An acquaintance with a very active forum recommended KnownHost.

    The step up from the $4/month shared plan to a VPS-2 is a psychologically difficult leap. After one particularly bad day last December I bit the bullet and moved to KnownHost. Now it just works and I'm free to take care of other things. My sales this year are up 30% and I wouldn't have been able to do it with the old Arvixe shared plan.

    I do still visit the Arvixe forum from time to time. All the crying and gnashing of teeth there helps remind me how smart I was to make this switch.
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  14. Timothy Kline

    Timothy Kline New Member

    This is all totally off-topic from the OP's post, but I have to admit that I do the same as you. I guess it's like being one of those people who slows down at an accident to see if there's any bodies.

    I'm guessing that EIG has recently directed them to relocate all their customers to the EIG server farm, because all of the issues being complained about are a mirror of what happened when Hostgator relocated their customers to the EIG farm.

    KH, PLEASE do not sell out to EIG if they come flashing the almighty, withering Dollar. Be the good guys!!
  15. phpAddict

    phpAddict Active Member

    That was the first and most important question I asked sales before migrating over here from HG. I'm glad to say they answered correctly with no intention of selling out. :D
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  16. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member

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  17. Skyview

    Skyview Member

    That's not very reassuring lol! How about you guys just take over the hosting world organically and through acquisitions ;)

    To the OP, I have been here for a little over 9 years. I was with HG for a few as well, way before that EIG thing you're talking about, and KH is much better than they ever were IMO.
  18. phpAddict

    phpAddict Active Member

    Act Fast! HG has a 3 hour flash sale!!! If you're looking for instability, poor support, and limited features look no further than HG!
  19. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member

    They have those all the time. For whatever reason I'm on one of their spam lists....go figure.
  20. vaudafone

    vaudafone New Member

    Grats! That looks very encouraging. :)

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