migrating from godaddy ?


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hi, i tried contacting support, reply - we do not support shift from godaddy !

i really want to shift to KH, but if this is the support approach then it makes me uncomfortable, wht if thy use such standard lines for future tech issues?

i have no clue how to go about the transfer
I replied to your last sales response. I'm not sure where the confusion is but I will try to explain further. We just said we can't provide migration assistance when moving from Godaddy. We can restore backups of databases for you but that's all we provide in terms of migration from 3rd party control panels. Godaddy has their own control panel so there is no "defined migration guide" when migrating. You asked us for a step by step guide but unfortunately we don't have one since this would require us to keep up with Godaddy's control panel so our information is correct. That just isn't something we provide (many hosts will say the same thing). Sorry we don't provide that but restoring a database we for sure can do just so they are compatible.

Our Support is top notch for things we advertise we Support. That's definitely not something in question.