Migrating from Dreamhost



I currently am hosted by dreamhost. One of the sites i manage has recently picked up in traffic and the message board is becoming far too active for dreamhost to handle apparently. I've decided to move to a VPS and am almost ready to pull the trigger on the 30 dollar a month deal here. I just have a few questions first. I have 3 people using mostly a mix between thunderbird and squirrelmail to access their email, is that something i'd be able to set up on the vps? Would I be allowed to install PostgreSQL? How hard is it to host multiple domains within the VPS. I do have experience in *nix and BSD, but not operating within a VPS.

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. You can use any webmail/email client that supports the pop3/Imap standard for your email accounts so Thunderbird and Squirrelmail are fine(recommend cPanel). PostgreSQL can be used but make note this does uses quite a bit of resources so memory may need upgraded. Hosting domains inside a VPS is easy and we provide unlimited domains for all control panels. If you don't use a control panel or you use Webmin you will need to use the command line so in most cases a control panel is used. I hope this helps.