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I have several sites, but a couple of bigger sites at my current web host. I am looking at migrating some or all of these to a Managed Professional VPS Server. Naturally, I have some questions.

1. I understand there is a 30% discount for a years payment upfront. What happens if I want to add say litespeed as an addon a couple of months into my hosting. Can I still get the 30% off the litespeed element?

2. What happens if I transfer my sites and find some issue that means I cannot host with Knownhost. Do I get a refund?

3. Would Knownhost support transfer my vbulletin sites (2 of them) and make sure they are working ok, or is that outside of the migration scope they perform? I worry about having them transferred and they don't work properly.

4. I am running vbulletin 3.8. I think that there are limits to which version of php they can work on. Can I choose the php version on my VPS to ensure comparability?

5. When transferring my sites, do support also do the nameservers or email configuration so things are working exactly as before?

I've heard good things about Knownhost, especially from the Xenforo forum guys. Not sure how good you are for vbulletin.

First off, thanks for considering KnownHost.

1) So our 30% Discount will remain with you for life as long as you stay within the same package group. You can upgrade/downgrade in that group as needed. The one thing this discount doesn't apply to is software license addons, we keep these prices competitively thou in line with the packages.

2) We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If we can't get it working or you aren't happy with the service then you can absolutely ask for a refund.

3) In a broad sense, yes, this is something we can do. Here's a bit more detail about our migration services: https://www.knownhost.com/migration-assistance.html a lot is going to depend on the type of system you are coming from etc. We will also work with you on how to test the site prior to going live and then help address any issue due to missing server software and the likes. We don't get into code work much, but we do offer professional services at $35/hour for things that are outside of standard support but something we may still be able to help you with.

4) So the latest version of Vbulletin 3.8 is 3.8.11 . It seems they support PHP all the way up to 7.1.x so you should be fine with any of our services. 7.1.x is still considered older now but it's still supported and can be installed.

5) Again in general terms, yes, email accounts, settings etc will all transfer over. A lot depends on the system you are coming from and going to for how much is preserved and how much may need to be resetup, but it's usually not a lot either way.

We love the Xenforo guys but we're familiar with Vbulletin as well. Once you migrate over to us then we'll talk you into switching to Xenforo! ;)

Any more questions just let us know!
Thanks for your detailed response Daniel. I am highly likely to transfer to Knownhost in the very near future. Currently, I cannot even login to my WHM/Cpanel with my host, and my site is constantly crashing with about 40% uptime. Hopefully they will get it settled, and then I can look at taking some backups.

Once I get some backups, then I can get my sites transferred.

I'm wondering how long it takes to transfer a forum with a 17gb mysql db.

Ouch! That is horrible to hear. For a site with a 17gb database, assuming your server gets running smoothly would take an hour or two tops to transfer over.

Any more questions let us know!
I've decided to go with you guys. Just taking some backups of stuff first. Few questions.

1. Do I need to take backups first if you are doing a transfer of all my sites from my whm/cpanel setup to your servers? I ask because I don't want to risk losing the source data when you attempt a transfer.

2. Do you update the nameservers, or is that something I do? Currently trying to get my domain registrar to respond to see if they can give me access to nameserver settings, since I am using a nominet partner, and don't think they have a control panel.

3. Is a 4 cpu VPS processing power with you likely to be faster than the 1 CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v2 @ 2.10GHz with my current host? Since I don't know what CPU's you are using, just wondered if the 4 CPU setup would have more grunt.

Looking forward to joining you guys. I was with my previous host for 10 years, but its time to jump ship before I sink.
Hi Jon12345,

1) It's always a good thing to have your own backups. If cPanel at your old host is operational and they haven't disabled the transfer function then KH will do their best to do a direct transfer. However if that doesn't work they will need backups.

2) You will need to update your nameservers at your registrar, either doing it yourself or having them do it. Sounds to me like you should think about a different registrar as well.

Hopefully someone with KH can chime in to answer question #3 for you as I can't say whether it would be faster or not however as you said...ship...sinking...

Hope that helps!
What is an EIG buyout?
Certain death of a host. RIP HG 2014.
I use to host my Dedi with HG, but EIG bought out the company, then destroyed up-time back in 2014, along with many other once good hosts. When I discovered KH, my first question was "Any plans to sell out to EIG?" Obviously they got the answer right for me. ;)

@Dan Just beat me to the answers to your questions. :p

Welcome to KH!
Thanks for that. I am currently downloading copies of all my sites. It is a very slow process as I am on a 10mps connection, and my forum is about 17gb. Estimated it will take me 4 hours just for that forum.

My domain registrar is not replying. I've phoned - no answer. I've emailed twice using the online form - no answer. Not sure what is considered a reasonable time frame to reply.

My host server is pretty slow, so not sure if that will have an impact on the ability to do the cpanel to cpanel thing.
Transferring from a slow server will absolutely affect the transfer, the obvious is that it will make it take longer. Timeouts may very well be an issue especially with a DB that large.

Don't delete those backups from the server as KH can use them if they can't do the transfer. Don't forget to freeze your forums as well so there aren't any new posts while this is all taking place.

Personally I wouldn't do business with someone that didn't answer the phone or reply to an email in less than an hour but that is, of course, your call. Since they're a Nominet partner you could try going to Nominet directly, tell them the situation and see if there is anything that they can do for you. The problem may be if this Nominet partner is actually listed as the domain owner instead of you which, unfortunately, some places like that do.

Hope that helps!
We love the Xenforo guys but we're familiar with Vbulletin as well. Once you migrate over to us then we'll talk you into switching to Xenforo!

I am very tempted to switch to Xenforo. My biggest fear is a substantial drop in traffic, which has happened to several people. But I am not sure how common this is.
I am very tempted to switch to Xenforo. My biggest fear is a substantial drop in traffic, which has happened to several people. But I am not sure how common this is.

That's always a crap shoot in my experience. With anything SEO on general there is never a hard fast 'this works/ this doesn't work' rule. I think the biggest impact is the URL structure change. Redirects mitigate that, as well as monitoring for 404's from old URL's and redirecting those etc but I'd say SEO / search traffic is one part of our industry that is this big mysterious blob that we all do the best we can and see what works.

On the other hand, Xenforo is an awesome product and works really well!
You made the right decision to move to KnownHost. After many years watching the big hosts slugging it out, getting bought out, rebranded, services changed, blech... This place is the best for hosting I have ever encountered. Any trouble report I've ever entered has been answered REALLY FAST! (heh heh... funny thing about that, any trouble I ever encountered was actually my own fault!).

I've been here since 2015, and this is the best deal on the planet for dedicated hosting/vps.

Matter of fact, they faced an issue with cpanel license fees increasing 2 months ago and they sent out a question regarding how we, (the customers) would react to a slight increase in hosting fees to cover it. When they told me it was only going to be a few bucks... I was like. HA. That was like netflix going up a dollar! No problems with that at all. The performance of this company has been immaculate!

Best of luck to you Jon.

PS: As an seo specialist, and VERY familar with forum software (and programming), with an SQL DB of that magnitude, I would never recommend changing board software that would alter your url structure, EVER. I've seen people try that... and fail! EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is especially important if you are deriving revenue from advertisers (ie google/bing). Google likes stability. Once you change your url structure, your entire 17GB worth of reference material in the Serps are now invalid, and you will be starting over from scratch!