Migrate Mail from Dreamhost


New Member
I'm wondering if anybody has been successful in transferring mail from Dreamhost?
I have tried installing imapsync but it appears riddled with dependency problems.
Currently I'm trying Larch via Ruby but it is throwing timeout errors:

[warning] [<] Errno::ETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out - connect(2) for "mail.server.com" port 993 (will retry)

Any help appreciated!

I'm not sure if Dreamhost gives you any direct access to your mail and if they do, knowing them, it's probably some weird proprietary format so moving files is probably off the table leaving you to some sort of IMAP transfer system.

It sounds like the problem with port 993 might be the firewall. Open up a ticket with support to test the connection to the remote server and have them ensure port 993 can talk there.