Memory usage information reporting is changed


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In addition to the exciting changes announced at we made one more less significant change which fixes "broken" memory usage reporting inside the VPS. From now on applications running inside your VPS will see memory usage information based on your guaranteed memory usage and limit. Other benefits of this change are:
* Command line applications like "free", "top", etc will show your guaranteed memory usage and limit;
* cPanel/WHM, Plesk, DirectAdmin control panels will start reporting correct memory usage for your specific VPS;
* Applications that base their allocation / usage on system memory availability will start working better as they will "see" resources available for your specific VPS and as such will set correct memory availability expectations;
* It is much easier to control memory usage now as there is no need to convert *pages resources into human-readable format, all that needs to be done to check your current memory usage is to run "free -m" command inside the VPS
* If current memory usage is above guaranteed memory limit memory usage will be reported as 100% with 0 available memory by utilities like "top", "free", etc.

This is the only change in how memory allocation / usage is handled. Every other operations (including burstable) usage will continue to work in the exact same way as things were working before memory usage information was fixed. You may always see your burstable memory usage, possible QoS Alerts and other useful information in your Virtuozzo Power Panel.

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Great news! it looks much more convenient now. Just one question: Webmin shows a different momory usage from free -m in VPS....
As for my VPS, currently is:
WEBMIN: Real memory 512 MB total, 221 MB used
# free -m: Mem: total 512 used 112