Memory Question


I was on the first VPS plan with 128MB of ram and running a couple very low-traffic sites. I was surprised to be consistently maxing out on memory. I upgraded to the next level, with 256MB of ram and am already nearly maxing out on memory again. Again, these are very low-traffic sites, but I am running about 30 active email accounts with spam assassin turned on (using Cpanel).

Any advise on how I can maximize my memory resources?

Login to your VPS, run the "ps auwwwfx" command - it will show you a list of all running processes including information about memory consumption. 4th column in the "ps" output will show percentage of guaranteed memory used by some specific process. Please note that child processes may share common memory segments with their parents, this applies to processes like SpamAssassin, Apache and some others.

You may want to reduce number of SpamAssassin processes by installing the "spamdconf" item through WHM >> cPanel >> Addon Modules and then setting the "Maximum Children" parameter to 1 at WHM >> Add-Ons >> Setup Spamd Startup Configuration.