Memory Issues


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I bought another VPS yesterday and I'm a bit concerned about the memory usage in cPanel. It only had 256 meg of ram and it was showing that it was using at least 94% of the available ram and quite often hit 100%. So I got it upgraded to 512meg and now it is showing as using 54%

Our other VPS that has got five forums on it plus 4 static sites is only using about 22% of it's 768 meg of ram at the moment.

Total: 786432 169320 617112 Old

Total: 524288 270800 253488 New

In the power panel for the new VPS its system resources usage are 23.52%

The old one is showing 20.28% :confused:

Both servers are running WHM/ cPanel 11.

Looks like there is something wrong somewhere...
My VPS has 256 megs as well and I will typically run at about 55% memory used and that is with ClamAV and ASSP running too. You need to try to determine what it is that is eating it all up. Try running ps aux and look at the memory column.
put in a support ticket and they should be able to track down the inconsistency and explain it to you