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Is memcache already installed or do we have to do that?

I'm not sure if i have to enable it or install it on the VPS?
Hi VizionCS,

It is not installed or enabled so if you wanted to use it you would either need to install and enable it yourself or shoot a ticket to support :)
Testing memcached

I am told that memcached is installed but the application that needs memcached tells me that memcached is not enabled.

How can we check or test it ?
Hi zamzam,

I've never used memcache but from doing some reading it seems there is memcache and memcacheD. One runs as an Apache module and the other as a service daemon. And it appears that some software requires one or the other as I specifically read a post from someone using a Drupal module that had to have memcached that would not work with memcache.

So as a guess perhaps you have one but actually need the other?

Here's a write up I came across on how to install what looks like both. And here's a post on the cPanel forum that shows a command to see the modules installed in Apache.

Hope that helps