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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by geko, Oct 6, 2015.

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    Hi, there! I just moved to a VPS-2 hosting with you after reading a lot of good things about KH and I am very happy with the quality of the technical support who helped migrate our websites without a glitch! However the quality of the correspondence with your sales person prior to that leaves a lot to be desired. Very slow responses, the first one was after 10 hours and did not even answer my question but tried to sell me a different package instead. Then one hour wait for the next basic (and criptic) response which was meaningless, then one more was relatively fast, and then 3.5 hours for the next basic reply, and somewhere along the line I was ready to go and look for a different provider.
    So... I am sure you know that support response times are probably the number one thing potential clients look for, the second thing being quality of answers. This sales person failed on both, IMHO. In contrast to this, your Tec support seems to be great. So maybe, do something about the sales department :)

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    Thanks for becoming a member of KH we are glad you chose us.

    I do apologize for the delay you experienced with your sales ticket. We are actually in the final phases of renovating a new office building that we will be moving into that will allow us to expand our sales department and allow us to increase our response times on the sales tickets.

    Thanks for providing us feedback as we will use this to work to improve ourselves!
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    Open a new thread and let's see some photos of the new place. :D
  4. KH-DanielP

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    We've been randomly posting some on Facebook throughout the construction but Jonathan will add some to the forums as well :)

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