Maximum quota of mailbox

William Li

New Member
What is the maximum quota for a mailbox in a shared webhosting plan?
I could not find it on the website or on this forum. Thanks!
Mailbox quotas rely on the package limitations of the shared plan since mailbox quotas get set by the user within the cPanel account.

For example: The Basic Shared Hosting package has 5GB.

The user under this package would be able to set mail quotas for their individual mailboxes up to 5GB.

If the mail quota is set to unlimited, then it would be relying on the overall package quota which is 5GB.

Of course, all of our shared/reseller packages have inodes limits:

So 5gb or 100k inodes, whichever gets reached first.

Hope this helps.
Thank you for your clear and fast answer!
I posed this question because some hosting providers have fixed (low) maximum quota regardless of the package size.
I'm glad I was able to help.

Do be sure to let us know if you ever experience issues with your quotas, however -- we will check into it for you. :)