Maximum number of files (email server)



My current email server is running out of diskinodes (>700000@ 14GB). Could you tell me the what the limits are on VPS and Hybrid accounts?
inodes limit and email server


Are you a current customer of ours? Regarding diskinodes on the Hybrid's we give 3000000(Eco) and 4000000(Pro). Hope this helps. Feel free to email sales or visit us on chat if you have more questions.

Edited - I fixed the number for the Pro.


Yes, I'm currently on VPS XL and I'm having a heck of the problem with inodes limit. My storage is 65% utilized yet I have to look for files to delete because I'm hitting 800,000 inodes limit (and this is with most of my users on POP accounts).

I don't know if this is intentional on your part - however - knowing now how much this limit affects us I would not recommend VPS account for an email server.

To follow up I found dcc was creating one log file for each email it scanned so I tar them releasing over 100000 inodes...